Moto G Play Review

Moto G Play Review

Moto G Play Review- The Motorola G Play 4th generation, or in short the Moto G4 Play is one of the comeback phones of Motorola to catch standard production levels in the smartphone market again. If your eyes are on the recently released budget phones then the Aug’16 released phone is a nice choice with lovely combination of tech features and nice hardware. To develop a better idea before you fix your mind on it, read on the review.

Overview of the Moto G4 Play

The smart and stylish phone is a budget phone. The hone camera is nice and decent one, and the phone hardware looks great. Though a bit bigger in size which may take you time to adjust it in your palm, it’s a nice model and make from Motorola.

The smartphone weighs just 137 grams, and is approx 10 mm thick. With 16 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM, the phone features an expandable memory of up to 256 GB through microSD card. A great quality 13MP primary camera and a 5 MP nice quality selfie camera, and with the Snapdragon 410 processor the phone is all set to rule your senses.Moto G Play Review

The Android version is the 6.0.1 marshmallow and can be upgraded to 7.0 Nougat. The battery is highly powerful with 3000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion model.

Key Features

  • Snapdragon 617 processor
  • Dual camera with 13MP front and 5 MP back camera
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 inch touchscreen
  • Battery with 3000 mAh
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 16 GB storage



The design of Moto G4 Play is smart but doesn’t feature flashy looks, extra accessories or much luxurious style, and the price is the main reason that the manufacturer has avoided loading the smartphone with flashy looks. Instead, what is loaded inside is actually great quality. The body is made of plastic with a simple front design. The only aperture on the front is the speaker which is rimmed in silver to be noticeable. Else there are no buttons or dials or openings on the front, and not even the brand name.

The side rim is made of metal. There are volume keys and the standby keys at the side of the phone, and these keys are a little hard to press. The back cover is made of plastic, and it’s soft to touch. It’s a bit slippery when you handle the phone with greasy or sweaty hands.

At the back right over the Motorola logo, you would see the camera and flash encased on an oval glass frame with silver rim. This back cover can be changed and replaced by color covers which you will have to buy separately. On removing the back cover you can change the SIM card, and load the microSD card. And the SIM card slot will work with both nano and micro SIM cards, which is something quite interesting about the Moto G4 Play.

No this is a special note for the small fisted people who are planning to buy this amazing phone, that it will be fairly tall and big for the hands. The smartphone is actually as big as a standard phablet, and if you have smaller hands then you may take some time to adjust to the gripping of the phone. If only you hold a tight grip on it with your palm, you may slide your thumb from the top to the bottom of the touchscreen. Else it’s a two hand operation phone for most people. This happened because the phone’s display was upgraded from the previous 5 inch model to the present 5.5 inch model. Though not much thick or too heavy, it’s large size is good for the phablet size lovers and a little cumbersome for the small phone lovers.

The feather touch screen functionality is also worth noticing. Its not the large display that you notice, but you would be stunned by the highly sensitive touch screen which will recognize the slightest of the pressures from the fingers.


With the 617 CPU, you may very well enjoy games even when they use much of the phone resources. Intensive gaming is no challenge with the Moto G4 Play. Moreover the 2 GB RAM supports such extensive usage without any lag so firmly and smoothly.

While switching apps you would notice the difference that the movements are swift and instant. You won’t have to wait much for the apps to open. Even while surfing the internet the high volume and heavy sites open up pretty fast, and you soon would get off the habit of waiting when you are working with the smartphone. At this budget friendly price the functionalities are pretty impressive.

The display of 5.5 inch with a screen resolution of 1080 p is pretty good for game play. You may enjoy any type of gaming pretty well with this display. At times intensive games may take a little time to get loaded but it is not much noticeable.Moto G Play Review

The Software

The Moto G4 Play is a great phone that features the sensible and useful software only. The phone is not made sluggish and loaded with duplicate functionality software, funky and cartoon skins, and too heavy and nerve exciting graphics that looks too much after a while. Rather you would find that it contains no bloatware, no extra features that are unwanted and no menu styles which are superfluous. You only get what you really need from a smartphone. You rather get the much useful security software patches and upgradations to Android Nougat. It already has Marshmallow, and is ready to accept Android N.

Other impressive features are the doze feature and the now on tap feature. Normally budget phones are not loaded with the latest OS. But this one already has the latest ad is made to accept the next upgradation too, which is great news.

As the Motorola phones are now owned and manufactured by Lenovo, you would get some punch mix on the software side by Lenovo too. Some of the special apps by Lenovo add to the exciting Moto experience. When you get new notifications, then the display of the phone glows. Another gesture operation is the quick shake camera open feature. For troubleshooting and help menu you have an app there, and there is a FM radio. There is a weather widget too, which shows weather and time both.

In this smartphone the microSD card, which is the external storage can be formatted from the phone just like you format internal storage, and the can be added up with the internal storage.

Camera and the Camera App

The 13MP camera in the Moto G4 Play is better than anticipated and is the primary camera of the phone. You may not get a better deal when you are looking for a smartphone with a classy camera. The sensor of the camera and its software functions great, mainly because of the phone’s speedy processor.

When the outdoor light is used, the camera can trap some nice clicks. But if the light is low, the focus may take more time, and if the hand is not still then the image may look shaky. With low light condition little problem with white balance of the camera occurs making some features look orange tinted.

If you love to play with camera settings a lot to attain perfection in the captures, then you would be happy to see that the camera app of the Moto G4 Play offers some nice features, lots of settings and modes for you to use. You may choose to simply shoot anything you see in a shot. Or, you may play with focus, the shutter speed etc, to get varied results and experiment.

To shoot videos you may use the 30 fps fully HD feature. The front camera, which is the selfie camera is a good 5 MP one, which is better than all other lower end smartphones are offering. It has a nice setting to take bright selfies.

Battery Life

The Moto G4 Play is powered by a whopping 3000 mAh battery, and it offers plenty of time to call, listen to music, chat and do gaming etc. To charge the phone to a 100% it takes 85 mins, but you must used the unit’s own charger to see the fast charging. It’s fairly good for the smartphone to run decently and require charging in 24 hour intervals.


  • Lots of apps are present
  • Great 13 MP camera at this price range
  • Screen is big and clear
  • Sensitive display
  • Lots of nice Moto tweaks
  • No unwanted space blocking software present


  • Quite big and may seem uncomfortable to hold in hand initially
  • Back cover is made of plastic and doesn’t feel that great


If you are after a smartphone which works smart inside irrespective of whether it looks great outside or not, and has a potent and powerful camera, batter and nice apps, then you should got the Moto G4 Play. This phone has all these features and a nice speed to relieve you from operating lags which you may have faced with other old phones. At a marvelously low price the phone offers much more than anticipated. Thank you for reading our Moto G Play Review.


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