Jitterbug 5.5 inch Smartphone review

Jitterbug 5.5 inch Smartphone review

Jitterbug has brought forth a smartphone for the seniors. The Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone is an easy to use smartphone made by Greatcall. The company boasts the phone to be one of the smartest devices launched for ease of use of the aged and elderly. If you need a smartphone for the seniors, which you may gift to your parents or grandparents to stay connected with them and also ensure more safety for them with alerts and other systems on the phone, then the Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone is a good option. To seal your decision about the smartphone you must know it’s features and performance reviews. Read on to find out more.


Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone review frontThe first thing you would notice about the Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone is its interface. The interface is very easy to read due to the large sized fonts. The smartphone also offers emergency and medical services. The display is a 5.5 inch touchscreen. The phone is quite big, and can be easy to handle for many elders, who may have problems in gripping smaller items. But for those who don’t have gripping troubles, the phone would seem actually large. The menu is simple to access and navigate through. The 4G LTE supported phoen is also compatible with hearing aids.

Display screen

The display screen is 5.5 inches. Though this large a display is good for the average smartphone user, it may seem to you slightly bigger for the elderly, but only until you see the text on it. The text is quite big and readable from all angles. This is the most important thing when you are going to select a phone for an elderly person. Most aged people have vision problems, and for them the display must have a clear and readable graphics, big enough fonts for easy reading, and easy to locate big sized icons for apps etc. That is what you get with the Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone, and the 5.5 inch size is justified for bringing the icons, graphics and letters in the best readable size before all eyes which may have average to poor vision.

The resolution of the display is however HD, and this is maintained to bring crystal clear images to the eyes. Also the HD display will show captured photographs clear and visible to all eyes. The smartphone comes with a setting of regular smartphone mode and senior smartphone mode. On choosing the latter the text size gets bigger.

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The software supports a large menu, which comes in a simple list view instead of the usual grid view in other smartphones. This is done for easy location of apps and services. List view allows easy gliding of the eyes through the list, while grid views can confuse the eyes of an aged person. The phone supports 4G LTE technology.

Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone review A special feature known as the voice typing feature is included in it. The user can type emails and text messages using simply the voice. There is a voice recognition software in it, which converts the voice into text. Thus writing gets easy, and the elderly user need not use his fidgety fingers over the touch screen for long minutes to type things.

There are brain games in the phone to keep the elderly engaged. Besides the games are designed to increase brain power, and prevent important brain cells from going dead with age which otherwise due to long term inactivity may get inactive and dead resulting in memory loss.

Safety and Alert system

There are some safety apps preloaded into the phone. These are to ensure health and safety for the user, and connect the user to his family and important contacts like doctor or hospital nearby in times of a crisis. The apps have safety tips, and important health tips, that can help during an emergency. Besides, subscriptions can be bought for many such health apps etc which the phone will support for safety of the user. The 5 Star service app in the phone is an optional package one can opt for connecting to the emergency helpline number for aged which works 24/7.


The smartphone contains 8 GB of internal memory. Since it’s meant for the usage of senior citizens, there are as such no bloatware or unwanted software in it. Hence much of the internal memory is usable for keeping important apps and files. You can expand the memory using microSD card slot, which supports up to 32 GB.

The Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone is compatible with hearing aids. This means you can pair a hearing aid with the device to overcome haring problems, and hence when attending a call you will not have to remove your hearing aids.

Besides that the phone also features quite powerful speakers. This ensures that the users who have no big hearing challenge, and yet need loud and audible sounds for efficient hearing, will find this much comfortable.


Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone review backThere are two cameras in the phone. One is the rear 5 MP camera, and the other is the front 2 MP selfie camera. Using both is really easy with one touch operation. The pictures taken are fairly good quality which the aged user may cherish as a memory.


The battery once charged can give a standard service for calling etc for more than 24 hours with its 1800 mAh power. It’s a standard Li-ion rechargeable battery.


  • Big size texts for easy readability
  • List view for easy surfing of menu and apps
  • 5 inch big screen for easy surfing and viewing
  • Heath tips and safety apps
  • General and senior modes for swapping text size
  • Brain games included for brain activity practicing


  • Slightly big in size which may take time to adjust in hands
  • Camera is not very high quality which is anticipated for the price range and target users
  • Internal memory is not too spacious and is just okay; however looking at the target users the space looks decent.


The Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone is just the perfect device for gifting your senior citizen friend or family member. That’s because the phone is designed to suit the vision of the aged with large screen size and bigger text size. Health and safety has been given high regards while loading apps in it. Text messaging and constructing emails also gets easy with the voice typing facility which is a remarkable feature in the phone. Most importantly you get efficient technical support and customer support from Greatcall, the maker of the device. Hearing aid compatibility is another reason to suit the needs of the senior citizens. All these makes the Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone a very good pick for the senior citizen users.

Thank you for reading out Jitterbug 5.5 inch smartphone review.


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