iPad Air 2 Review

It’s laborious to believe that Apple may improve upon the iPad Air, however they managed it with this device, the “iPad Air 2” launched in October 2014. It’s even agent and lighter than the surprisingly slim precursor. it’s constant exceptional all day battery life, however an excellent quicker processor, anti-glare screen, and (my personal favorite), the “Touch ID” fingerprint reader which implies I will avoid mistreatment passwords and pin numbers.

iPad Air 2 Review


FAQ – common questions

Q: is that this coated by warrantee ?

A: Yes. Full twelve month Apple warrantee, and ninety days free technical support. you’ll additionally extend the warrantee with “AppleCare+” for $100 a year provided to require out the quilt among sixty days of shopping for your iPad. This includes accidental harm insurance (up to 2 incidents annually subject to a $49 excess).

Q: Why ar these cheaper on Amazon than at the Apple store?

A: you’ll stock person from the Apple store (including free engraving), or from your native school store. as an alternative purchase from Amazon with a thirty day NO queries ASKED come back policy.

Q: ought to I purchase the Cellular option?

A: browse “Which model ought to I buy” below. You virtually definitely do not “need” to – as ever it continually depends. several iPads ne’er leave home, and even after they does one will store your videos/music on the device or connect with a cafe hotspot to induce on-line. If you’ve got a smartphone (eg. mechanical man or iPhone) you’ll started a “personal hot spot” or “tethering” and use your knowledge set up on your phone. This effectively permits you to attach a local area network solely iPad to the net via your movable whereas you are out and regarding. On AN mechanical man phone head to Setup; Tethering & moveable hotspot. On on iPhone head to Settings; Personal Hotspot, and started a private local area network network from your phone. Try it now, however bear in mind it’s going to be AN nonobligatory further dependent upon your movable set up.

Q: Help! There appears to be many “Generations” and iPad model numbers – however am i able to tell that one I am trying at?

A: Yes, it’s confusing, and i have provided full details below, however there is a comparatively straightforward thanks to check – simply see that version of iOS (the in operation system) it’s running.

Full Size iPads: I would not very advocate something however the “iPad Air” (iOS 7) or “iPad Air 2” (iOS 8).

Mini iPads: there is three generations: iPad mini one (iOS 6), iPad mini two – “Retina Display” (iOS7) or iPad mini three (iOS8).

Note: you’ll upgrade your iPad without charge to the most recent version, however you will notice it runs slightly slower than before.

Q: is that this the most recent iPad?

A: Yes. (Provided you are reading this before October 2015). Launched sixteenth October 2014. probably to be outmoded October 2015.

Q: what proportion storage aka “disk space” do I need?

A: It depends. If shall purchase ample Apps or store ample videos and photos then opt for the 64Gb or 128Gb is you would like. If it is your 1st iPad, and you may chiefly be mistreatment it for accessing web content and reading the odd book, then 16Gb are fine. Be aware, you can’t increase the storaage – you cannot add AN Coyote State card. you may purchase a “wireless disk” – see “Accessories – What else can I need?” below.

Q: Is it simple to line up?

A: affirmative – terribly simple. make certain to be close to a local area network association, and also the iPad can rigorously take you thru the steps required to line it up

Q: will it have a USB connection?

A: No.

Q: Do i want a computer?

A: No. All you actually would like may be a local area network association. whether or not AN iPad may replace your laptop computer is another question. you’ll kind (and print) letters, browse eMails, read web content, read photos or watch videos ANd hear music on an iPad. you’ll even attach AN external keyboard and kind entire documents (this review was part written on AN iPad Air on a train). you’ll run MS workplace or use the free Apple versions (Pages and Numbers). Personally, I notice I exploit my iPad ninetieth of the time, solely employing a laptop computer to attach to the workplace. whether or not you’ll get by with solely AN iPad is your call based mostly upon your wants. a vital note here is that you just will’t do everything with a pill that you just can with a pc.

Q: will it run Microsoft Office?

A: Yes. Free for browse solely Word, Excel etc. prices $69 a year for one license, $99 five|for five} PCs or Macs and 5 iPads.

Q: Can the iPad print?

A: Yes and no, you can print from the iPad, but the iPad does not itself print. You can print provided you are running a comparatively trendy printer with a local area network association you’ll.

Q: am i able to browse books, watch films and hear music on an iPad at the same time?

A: Yes. that is what i exploit it for many of the time. Kindle or Apple books work superbly. you’ll rent/buy films from Apple, Amazon and plenty of others. you’ll watch catch up services (NetFlix, iPlayer, ITV and Channel 4). you’ll load your music (MP3 files) on AN existing pc to iTunes

and synchronize them with the iPad or stream unlimited music from music sites together with Spotify. Finally, you’ll stream video to your TV employing a set-top box from Apple (TV), Amazon (Fire) or Google (Chromecast)

Image Via: www.slashgear.com
Image Via: www.slashgear.com

What are the different storage options?


Storage (for Apps, photos or videos) begin at 16g that is ok if you propose to surf the online, browse books or stream video. I actually have used a 16g iPad, however I don’t advocate this size storage, it’ll extra service in no time. I’d in person advocate either the 64g or the 128g they have a lot more room than many folks can need. bear in mind once bought, you cannot add storage, thus opt for rigorously.

Storage choices ar sixteen, 32, 64 or 128g, however, the iPad Air two now not has the 32g choice.

Take a cue from Apple sizing:-

  • * 16g if {you’re a|you ar a} 1st time iPad user or are unlikely to store ample top-end games or video.
  • * 64g if it’s for an adolescent otherwise you conceive to store heaps.
  • * 128g if you have very deep pockets.
  • The 32g choice is offered on the iPad Air, and may be a smart compromise.

WIFI or Cellular?

Firstly all iPads embody a local area network association. you’ll pay further for a “cellular” choice which implies you’ll (for an extra monthly fee) purchase an information subscription from a movable network, (I in person use this, ANd use mine as a mobile hotspot for different devices) and use your iPad to surf the online once you are out an regarding. If but like Maine you’ve got a smartphone (Android or iPhone it does not matter) then navigate to Settings; Personal Hotspot and started a word.

This means you’ll be able to produce a “Personal Hotspot” conect your smartphone information subscription. Conjointly referred to as “tethering”, you’ll be able to then connect your wireless local area network solely iPad to the net, and off you go.

Personally, i exploit this each day on the train and it’s simply sensible. Even as quick as a cellular iPad, however additional versatile (two individuals will share the connection), and cheaper too. simply check your mobile contract supports tethering, and includes enough of an information allowance. Otherwise you will run up a large bill as you will find your iPad uses information quicker than your smartphone.

 Accessories – What else you’ll need-

All you “need” could be a wireless local area network association – you do not even would like a pc. However, there is a range of extra accessories/devices you’ll purchase together with your iPad, and it’s price doing a quest on Amazon. These include:-

  •  * AN iPad cowl or case – to forestall it obtaining damaged (definately price buying). you’ll be able to even get “Child Proof” cases – a requirement have for folks with toddlers.
  • * A wireless bluetooth speaker – to pay attention to music. a requirement HAVE for anyone World Health Organization loves music. Sound quality unimaginable, and can conjointly work together with your smartphone or laptop computer.
  • * A “power bank” – as AN emergency battery back-up. conjointly nice for your smartphone – ne’er run out of battery once more.
  • * A separate keyboard – to show your iPad into a virtual laptop computer. (I use mine each day on the train rather than a large laptop).
  • * AN Apple TV, Google Chrome or Amazon fireplace TV. means that you’ll be able to stream photos/video from your iPad to your TV.
  •  Most people (me included) purchase a canopy (or case) to avoid scratches and bumps.
  • Effectively you’ve got 2 options:-
  •  * Hooked up to the iPad by magnets, the “cover” protects solely the screen from dirt or scratches
  • * A “case” encloses the whole device protective back and screen. you’ll be able to conjointly purchase “child proof” cases.
Image Via: MacWorld.com
Image Via: MacWorld.com

Both sorts mechanically finish off the iPad after you shut the lid (a beautiful touch). you’ll be able to pay anyplace from $35-$165 for AN avowedly high-quality cowl from Apple, or else purchase one on Amazon for regarding $12-$40. the best rated covers (by client rating) appear to be made by “Swees”, “Mofred” and “EasyAcc”. simply use caution to shop for one that matches your device. You will findyour existing “cover” (screen only) will match virtually any iPad (2nd generation to Air 2), however you’ll have to use caution to shop for the proper “case” because the iPad Air and Air two square measure every agent than previous models.

All of those square measure offered on Amazon. simply “mouse over” the celebrities for these speakers. You will find in every case ninetieth of shoppers rated them at 5 STARS. an out of this world action. These extremely square measure the simplest speakers in their category as of October 2014.

You can conjointly purchase a separate keyboard that turns your iPad into a virtual laptop computer. Again, watch out to shop for the keyboard which inserts your explicit iPad model.

Many people purchase a “Power Bank” – effectively AN external battery to charge your iPad or smartphone. Nice for emergency power, there is tons of offered, with the higher designed models from an organization referred to as “Lepow”. Simply search Amazon, and skim the reviews.


How regarding Apps?


Firstly, an App, could be a little “application” (a program) that runs on your iPad, and there is virtually thousands offered from the “App Store”, with the foremost vital ones (web browser, mail, music player, application, computer programme etc) square measure pre-installed or absolve to transfer.

Many apps value $1, and masses square measure free (frequently advertising funded with the choice to “add on” stuff – however watch out you’ll be able to run up a large bill).

Here square measure several of the favorite apps:-

  • * Mailbox. improbably slick mail app (or use the inbuilt Apple App) (Free)
  • * picture & iPhoto. inbuilt apps to take/view/edit photos (Free)
  • * Skype or Apple Face Time. Chat to the family for gratis employing a video decision (Free)
  • * Netflix. For $6 a month watch a large assortment of films on-line. (Free)
  • * Evernote. Write and organise notes. Edit them on your humanoid, iPhone, iPad, computer or mack (Free)
  • * DropBox. Access your files, documents and photos on humanoid, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. (Free)
  • * tune up Radio. hear one,000s of radio stations world-wide – or hear Radio four like I do
  • * Spotify. Stream music for $5 a month (or free with ads). Brilliant! (Free)
  • * eBay. purchase and sell your stuff on-line. (Free)
  • * yard sale. Fantastic thanks to turn out skilled trying sales on eBay.
  • * Rightmove. hunt for your next Flat or House or simply gape at barmy costs (Free)
  • * Zite. on-line internet magazine that learns what you prefer. Terrific! (Free)
  • * Movies by Flixter. scan reviews of films on cinema and videodisc. (Free)
  • * Kindle. scan your books from Amazon Kindle shop. (Free)
  • * QuickOffice. Edit Word, surpass and Powerpoint documents (Free)
  • * Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Apple’s version of MS workplace. Edit/save documents in Word, surpass andPowerpoint format. (Free)
  • * MS workplace. Yearly subscription for five PCs, Macs or AN iPad or “read only” for gratis. (Free)
Image Via: www.macworld.co.uk
Image Via: www.macworld.co.uk

Thinking about upgrading your iPad?


Each iPad is slightly higher, though every upgrade will seem a comparatively hard currency, and you wish to check the “full size” and “mini” iPads singly.

 * Full size: i might upgrade something up to the iPad fourth generation while not question. The Air and Air two square measure currently up to double as quick, thirty third lighter and 1/3rd agent than the ordinal, third or fourth generation device. If you have already got AN iPad Air it’s less clear cut, and possibly not price upgrading.

* iPad mini: The upgrade from iPad Mini one to two was to an out of this world screen and quicker processor. The upgrade to mini three adds solely the “Touch ID” fingerprint reader, and it’s questionable whether or not it’s price paying for.

Word or warning – this section is totally of the tekki statistics. Skip past if you are not that interested.

 The “full size” iPad range:-

iPad Air (Launched October 2013)


* Superb upgrade. double as quick, nearly Revolutionary Organization 17 November agent and shedding virtually a 1/3 of the load of the forerunner. It’s an out of this world device.

* Blisteringly quick sixty four bit A7 processor with quicker memory, and a motion co-processor. Weighs 469g. (28% Lighter) and currently solely seven.5 mm thin.

* New iPads currently go together with a free licence for Pages, Numbers, Keynote (Apple’s version of Word, surpass and Powerpoint). and Garage Band, iPhoto and iMovie.

iPad Air two (aka iPad half dozen – Launched October 2014)


  • * Another unimaginable upgrade. currently 1/3rd lighter and agent than the iPad four launched simply two years past.
  • * A8X Processor (faster variation on the A8 fitted to the iPhone 6) with M8 motion co-processor. Weighs 437g and solely half dozen.1mm (18% thinner).
  • * Bit ID fingerprint device (the initial iPad Air to own this). means that you’ll be able to effectively avoid victimisation passwords
  • * Improved screen currently includes AN “antireflective” coating.
  • * Improved 8MP rear facing camera (3264×2448) with ten frames per second “burst” mode and picture show. Front facing camera has improved f/2.2 aperture.
  • * Lock/silent switch has been removed (to save space), however you’ll be able to mute your iPad by swiping up the “Control Centre”
  • * Battery is slightly smaller (7,340mAh) compared to the previous model, however a similar ten hour battery life
  • * Wireless local area network currently supports new “ac” customary and is twin channel two.4Ghz and 5Ghz. conjointly inbuilt measuring device.
  • * Storage choices square measure currently little, Medium and huge. 16g, 64g or 128g.
  • * Offered in area gray, Silver/White and Gold.

Overall Opinion


It’s arduous to believe the primary iPad was launched in 2010, and there is a large raft of cheaper pill computers to decide on from, however the Apple iPad continues to be the one to beat. I am unable to place it higher than Wired Magazine World Health Organization said: “Want the simplest pill on the market? Then get the iPad Air two. It’s as close to pill perfection as you are going to get”

Yes, there square measure cheaper humanoid based mostly alternatives, however the standard, style and sweetness of this pill simply sets it apart.


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