The Blu R1 HD Review

The Blu R1 HD Review

The Blu R1 HD Review- The Florida based smartphone Blu R1 HD smart phone comes with two configurations; one with an 8 GB of internal storage, and the other with 16 GB. But the rest of the configurations are all same. The phone will be chosen for all the smart features contained in it, offered within a low price range that is very affordable. An average user, who is not looking for a special camera, or a gaming based phone, would be pretty satisfied with these features. To find out more about the Blu R1 HD read on.

Feature Highlights

  • Android 6.9 Marshmallow OS
  • Dual cameras- 8 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras with LED flash lights at front and back both
  • 5 inch IPS display
  • 3 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6735 processor
  • 1/2 GB RAM
  • 8/16 GB internal memory
  • 64 GB expandable memory with micro SD card
  • Dual SIM with 4G LTE support
  • 2500 mAh battery
  • USB, WiFI, Bluetooth, GPS, and fm Radio connectivity



Blu R1 HD ReviewThe current trend shows that even lower end phones are found in a hardy chassis. This is the same incase of the Blu R1 HD. The smartphone comes in a metal case, and the back cover is made of hard polycarbonate. The matte back cover finish not just feels good and comfortable in the hands to grip, but also looks stylish, while providing a contrast to the slippery metal edges.

The power button and the volume rocker are both at the right side of the device. The buttons are metal finished. The phone accepts microSIM and microSD cards and the slots are accessible by removing the back cover. But you cannot remove the battery which is fixed. You get the charging port at the bottom and the headphone jack at the top of the phone.


The LCD is a 5 inch IPS display and comes with a resolution of 1280x 720 pixels, enough for the budget phone it is. The pixel density is 294 ppi. The display panel is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display quality is decent, and you get clear graphics and clear pictures, and the viewing angles are also nice.


The Blu R1 HD has a quad core MediaTek MT6735 processor and a speed of 1.3 GHz supported by the Mali T720 GPU. RAM depends on the model you pick. For the 8GB internal memory model, the RAM you get is 1GB, and for the 16GB memory, you get 2GB RAM. Powered with all that, the overall performance of the phone is good, and you would like it if you are an average smartphone user.

Apps open, close and switch smoothly, and no lags are noticeable. Even gaming is smooth with it provided it’s not a graphic intensive game. In case of intensive games, the touch is registered slowly.


Blu R1 HD ReviewThere are two models of the Blu R1 HD. One has 8GB and the other 16GB of internal memory. If you pick the 8GB model, you would be able to expand the memory up to 64 GB using the microSD memory card slot. The smartphone supports 4G LTE technology with 2,4,7,17 bands, and expecting the 12 band to get included shortly.

The sound quality of the device is pretty satisfying and good. The highest volume levels also don’t distort the sound. But the position of the speaker isn’t much impressive. Being at the back of the phone, they may get easily covered by hand while gripping the phone.


The battery life of the device is quite good. 2500 mAh is a good battery power for the configuration, and will certainly run the phone for more than 24 hours with a single charge, provided the battery is not consumed fully in intensive gaming. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery fully.


The rear camera is of 8 MP. The 4P lens and f/2.0 aperture does decent justice to the snapped objects. The selfie front camera is 5 MP. If you are using the front camera in excess light or noise, then the pictures get affected. But lens is wide angled, which allows more capture. A very lovely feature of the Blu R1 HD is a flash at front, which makes the phone a good selfie device.

The rear camera is also a good performer but in lower light conditions. Hence you may see some grains in the pictures if the light is not sufficient. There is a Panorama mode for the camera, and some other interesting modes in the camera app.

If you record videos, your restrictions would be to shoot HD videos at 30 fps, resulting in slightly grainy videos.


The software is the latest which is used in Blu R1 HD. It’s loaded with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Blu phones that were earlier released had the Lollipop version. But this one boast the latest release OS.

Something which users may or may not like are the ads shown on the phone. The phone contains a lot of bloatware to make it sluggish. Had not these apps were on the phone, and had not the ads been displayed, it would have been faster. But then again the ads keep the users updated with latest additions of products in various categories.


  • The smartphone is low priced
  • The body promises a sturdy chassis
  • Battery has good life
  • The OS is the most updated
  • Memory expandable
  • Dual SIM supported


  • Bloatware from Amazon
  • Lag in performance due to ads etc
  • Camera is not very impressive


Watching at the price, you definitely would find the phone to contain the best features matching with the price. Some of the best things to enjoy are the 4G LTE support, the Gorilla glass screen, the front camera with flash, and the latest Android OS. Hence, it would be a nice deal if you get the phone now. There are 2 models, and going for the 8 GB internal memory model won’t be bad, but the 16 GB model at slightly high price would be a better bargain. Thank you for reading our The Blu R1 HD Review. Thank you for reading our The Blu R1 HD Review.


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