Unlocked Quadband Dual sim Android 4.1 Os with 5” touch screen smartphone

Recently I had an opportunity to test Quadband dual sim Android. This phone is really a good. It has a good android. Most of us have a suspicious voice within our heads that warns us about our network security from time to time.



  •  Quadband Dual sim Android 4.1 Os with 5” touch screen smartphone looks like a google android phone and its inexpensive..
  • It has good camera, with high resolution.
  • It has good quality speakers
  • Fully stylish with good touch screen
  • Video player, video recorder in it
  • It has a dual sim slot through which you can save your contacts on both sims at a time.
  • Have a great socializing networking.

Unlocked Quadband Dual sim Android 4.1


  •  The phone looks like a Google phone on first glance, but it’s far from it. This phone brings from China, so all application languages in
  • Chinese some US application are blocked on it.
  • This phone is not having USB port if you plug an SD card in the phone then all the data washed out.
  • The phone has a reset button, it save all the data pictures, call data, and your pass ward whenever you put on in it.
  • Having good software, which update automatically, a notification take place t o updates the applications and update start automatically.
  • I really suggest you to buy this phone, it’s really good.
  • When this phone receives any virus, there will be a chance to transfer this virus through blue tooth, one cell to anther cell, Wi-Fi
  • connection or through USB data cable.
  • I have had this phone for three to four days approximately, first I don’t know how to use it, but gradually I came to know about its
  • function, it is really awesome.
  • I really like this phone. It’s very approachable and rapid to the touch.


Quadband Dual sim
Image Via: www.bmob.com

The box take in, handset, cover case ,having two batteries, distinctive earphones, screen cover, having a usb charger you can connect the phone for charging through switch or through Laptop, with base.

This phone have a good features, and built in apps, you can download more apps on it, it has long lasting battery time, you can download games app, music app or news app on your phone, you can carry on your socializing with this phone , you can run face book, gmail, twitter , yahoo, and much more.

This phone looks accurately like a galaxy s4, it have good camera result, a flash which helps when you take pictures. However the flash on this phone is obvious, giving it a practical look. I really suggest you to buy this phone, it’s really amazing having android

and dual sim slot in it. If you pay 100$ or 120$ for it, it is not bad in my opinion. It is really good for those who have a hug socializing.



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