Trendy Color Slider Style Hard Case for iPhone 6 (4.7 inch)

iPhone 6 Hard Slider Case Review

From my first impression of the iPhone 6 Maxboost case, I found it to be super cute and on the classier side. I did buy this case  because it was cheaper and I knew I was taking a chance by ordering a case on the day that the iPhone 6 was just announced. The case so far seems to protect the phone very well. The cover is nice, very smooth, and all edges have a nice symmetry & polish to them.


During an initial inspection I did not find any gaps where the buttons are. The texture on the back makes it very easy to grip, unlike many of the other cases that I have tried and will update the reviews with. There is also a very small rim that goes around the screen. This rim will protect the screen from scratches. The hole for the headphone jack will accept most 3.5mm headphones. I will add that so many people notice my case long before they even realize I have the iPhone 6!!

Slider Style Hard Case for iPhone 6


I think it is important to note here that the case is not completely put together. The colored parts of the case will come apart if your phone is not in the case. Without your phone in the case, the colored parts (I say colored parts because there are a couple of different color variations that you can get) will not hold together. You will have to slide your phone in the case from the bottom of the coral colored part, and then slide the gold part onto your phone. The sliding is stated by the manufacturer to be safer because of the added fabric that is inside of the case. The part of the case that comes in contact with the very back of the iPhone is lined with an uniquely fuzzy material.


The case is made up of a hard polycarbonate, making it rigid not flexible.  This case has durable written all over it. I have no fears if my phone falls to the floor because of my butterfingers!!!  It’s marketed and advertised as being 1mm thick. I did find a very slight lip, but only enough to keep the screen from laying on the surface. The case is designed to prevent the camera on the back from touching any flat surface when sat down.


The bezel of the phone is still apparent, making your screen protector unaffected by this case. The camera will not come in contact with a flat surface when sat down. The top of the phone is covered by the case. The headphone jack, charging port, and speakers are protected since the case does not have an open bottom. All the buttons are covered by the case, but I still found it easy to access them.

Slider Style Hard Case


The color of the case isn’t exactly like the advertised photos, but in all fairness I would say it is very, very close. It’s has more of a coral color than bright or neon color that I was hoping for. The gold bottom is maybe a little bit to close in color to the gold on the iPhone 6. I personally wish that it was exactly as it was in the advertised pictures, but I personally think it overall is still gorgeous. I can tell you if you are looking for a case that will protect your phone in a very stylish fashion, then this is what I would recommend for your iPhone 6!! Be the envy of your friends who choose what was available at the location they purchased their iPhone.


  • This case has a lifetime manufacturers warranty.
  • Things I’d like to see improved
  • The exact color shown in seller’s images
  • TPU material maybe instead of polycarbonate
  • Just a touch more of a grip texture all around
  • A lip that’s ever so slightly raised


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