Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT GSM factory Unlocked dual sim Review

I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 mini GT, I absolutely admire this phone and am satisfy with its functioning. It is light in weight and shiny. It has smooth functioning and work at a good swiftness. The dual SIM works awesome. I am very satisfied from its camera and video results,both are working nicely. It has multi languages.

I can enjoy calls and song on it with using hand free. The mic and earphone results are also good. Its battery power is awesome. It takes 2 hours approximately to charge.It has data cable that i can transfer data through it, also have a blue tooth to sharing files or songs.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT GSM
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It has built in software so i don’t need to worry about install any software. Its screen is about 20% bigger than the other phones. But the body of this phone is slim and easy to carry. It is made up of fine quality material, its software automatically updated. It is an unlocked GSM phone it can be used in many countries like Rassia, Ukraine, India, France, UK and many other countries.

I haven’t faced any problem to use this cell, its signal is good, and there is no issue of tumbling calls. It has a great camera with good resolution with good flash which helpful for good pictures. The thing in the camera which impressed me most is its flash light and automatically adjust camera resolution, there is less chance of the pictures to washed out, the pictures also saved in the memory of the phone. There is also video recorder and the quality of video is really good.

The browsing of internet is too good. I can download many apps with in a second. I can also download PDF file, word files etc and read it comfortably. Reboot the system is easy.

The speaker within the phone is good, having a good sound and volume. When I update software’s I could not found GPS to work on this phone, to resolve this issue I have download many thing but all in vain, I didn’t found good result as I want.

If the GPS problem occurs it will take some to resolve it.

The auto correct is found in all the phones, may be this is the fault of android but whenever I used auto correct function in my old phone version I found that it is the worst thing. If I want to correct the spell then I have to click on that word again and add it to the dictionary which very irritating to me. I was confuse is it add to the same dictionary or add in another dictionary.

The charger of this phone is connecting in to the electricity or you can charge the computer through data cable through PC or laptop. I really love this phone, because of it good quality, good features, I suggest to you that you must use this phone and have the wonderful experience.


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