Motorola RAZR M Review

Motorola RAZR M Review

The Motorola RAZR M Review- The Motorola Droid RAZR M XT907 is one such smartphone which has shrunk its screen size considerably when in the smartphone segment all other manufacturers are in the competition to increase their phone and screen sizes. However this attempt of Motorola to power the smartphone with components that make it smart from the interior while reducing the screen size to the one that is good for working and not too flashy is a good stance. If you are looking for a smartphone in the mid range budget segment then the Razr M is a phone that contains the essentials to get a consideration.

Overview of the Razr M

The phone features a dual core fast processor, good battery life, a very thin body, small 4.3 inch screen, and a nice design. The body is within a nice end to end bezel. It’s light and easy to handle due to the small size, and quite manageable with all the necessary features. Rather many of the functions you get in higher end phones are present in this.

Motorola RAZR M Review



When you look at its design, stylish make, and slim body, you would never be able to guess its price range. It’s a mid range budget phone, which is quite temptingly priced, so that an average man can always afford it. And looking at the design you would set the first idea of it to be a high priced phone actually. The first thing that you would notice about the phone is the small and clear 4.3 inch display. The bezel at the sides exists only for namesake, because it’s too thin, making the display appear as if stretched from edge to edge. It gives an impression of a larger display than it is actually.

The volume control button and the power button are the only buttons on the phone, and they are located at the left side on the edge. The device gets the Kevlar fiber coating in hereditary from the other Droid Razr phones. And this coating has a special role in protecting the back of the phone from scratches. The back contains the primary camera which is 8 MP. And the LED flash light is just beside it. The panel which covers the camera lens and the LED light has a glossy plastic, and due to this it traps finger prints, hence you may have to rub clean the plastic with a soft fabric when the snaps come blurry.

The dimensions of the mobile will surprise you.  4.8 inches long, 0.33 inches thick and only 2.3 inches in breadth, this one really packs a punch for the feature and functionality lovers. Look at its weight, and you would be even more surprised. It weighs only 4.4 ounces and when it’s inside the pocket, it won’t peep out of the hem and stay thin as a folded paper. That is why it is really so manageable and handy, and you can operate it with one hand.

Display Screen

The visual display of the Razr M has quite a lot of visual impact functions. The resolution is not too high, but when you compare this to other HD devices you would like the display. Some interesting things to note are the high contrast levels brought in by deep black colors, and together with that the bright colors which pops up more to the eyes when you see images on screen. 960×540 px is the resolution which serves pretty good. Because of the AMOLED screen style of the device you would be able to view videos clearer.


The smartphone runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. And it also contains the recent Google’s mobile OS. Although the Android Jelly Bean is the latest OS, yet the 4.0 runs pretty good without giving the phone any hitch, and it’s going pretty good. Users who owned the phone in the early 2016 got the OS updated by the company free by the end of that year. There are some enhancements by Motorola too, and many softwares and apps are given by it. Since this is the Ice Cream Sandwich version, the date and time is displayed at the upper left corner when the phone is locked. And on the opposite you get the volume toggle button which you may slide to operate. You can also directly switch to many of the apps and function from the lock screen.

There is an icon on the centre of the clock screen. This when dragged to the right unlocks the phone. On dragging it left you get the camera active. When you drag it down you open the text messages. And to directly operate the phone you slide it upwards.

The default numbers of screens are 2. But you may add more to get a total of 7+2 screens. There you may add widgets and apps, shortcuts etc to make operation more handy and easy for you. To get to the setting quickly you simply need to swipe on the left from the home screen. Important setting like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Airplane mode, and ringtones can be changed from the quick settings.

There is a Circles widget, which you will find at the center of the screen, and may place it on the sides too. There are 3 discs in it, which are used to view digital and analogue clocks in one, weather in another and the battery status in another one. Normally most smartphones features physical buttons for navigation. Here the buttons are virtual, and are accessed through the touch screen.

Motorola RAZR M Review


You can enjoy one of the smartest features of the android 4.0 Os. This is the easy to customize apps and folders. You simply have to drag in the folder of the apps one on top of the other. And this way you can create custom folder which can hold bunch of the apps inside. This helps de-clutter the screen and keep things manageable and sorted on the smartphone home screen and menu.

If you look at the apps, you would see that it has practically all the Google services. Name one and you would get it on the Droid Razr M. YouTube, Maps, Google Play store, Gmail, Books, movies, Google+, and Navigation all are there. The third party apps, which you would get preloaded on the smartphone are QuickOffice, Kindle and Facebook.

Bloatware, which takes up unwanted space, and eats up the phone resource too much to create the lag are filled quite much in the phone, which you may like to remove. There is a useful app, and it is called the Motorola Smartactions app. With this app, you can get enhanced performance and functions from the phone, as the app automates things as per your habit and requirements to make the best use of time and resources.


Coming to one of the most discussed smartphone features, which every user would like to know of when speculating a smartphone, it’s the camera. Apparently you would like the camera with all its fantastic picture settings, shooting modes and filters. You would get the Multishot mode, HDR mode, Panorama mode and the Timer. The exposure can be manually balanced. But you would get impatient when the phone would take a little time to switch between shots, and it usually takes 1 or 2 seconds in between.

You would get fairly nice quality images. However do not expect it to be too bright when you are shooting indoors without any daylight. The images then may look dark and colors may not appear as they are exactly. Grainy pictures and little color problems were marked in low light pictures, however when you take daylight pictures outdoor, you won’t complain.


The processor really has boosted the phone performance. The Droid Razr M would not have been what it is without the 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Processor and the 1GB RAM. Moreover it has a 8GB internal memory too, which helps peak up the phone performance to a decent speed. Surfing the internet also looks quite fast on the smartphone. Besides, voice calling for which phones are basically made is clear, crisp and fantastic. Speaker has a nice volume, and the phone performs great in video and conference calling both.


The phone is small, and the battery inside is also small, and fixed with 2000 mAh power. You cannot remove the battery manually. But the battery life is pretty impressive. The battery would last more than 8 hours when you play a HD video constantly. This proves that on call, and through casual working the phone’s battery will be lasting more than a day when you charge it full.


  • Small and handy and highly manageable
  • The processor speed is impressive
  • The Android 4.0 serves real good with nice operations and features
  • You get a nice battery performance


  • The camera is average. And for the price you pay it could have been better.
  • The UI can lose balance sometimes.
  • You may not like the screen resolution the best.


Looking at the price, the style and looks, the great performance and nice apps, the Droid Razr M is a great pick. If you are looking for a mid budget phone, then this promises some good performance, and the Motorola touch of class in the apps and widgets, and great looks. Above all it’s a nice handy sized set that demands operation only through one hand as you swipe a finger on the screen. Thank you for reading our Motorola RAZR M Review.


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