Microsoft Lumia 435 Review

Microsoft Lumia 435 Review

Microsoft Lumina 435 review- There are a lot of Windows 8 phones in the market now. As there are Android and iOS lovers there are some dedicated fans of the Windows OS too. Hence the Lumia series of smartphones by Microsoft, which earlier was owned by Nokia, is being dedicatedly improved with each new model to serve as one of the best Windows phones. If you are looking for a Windows 8 smartphone and thinking of the Lumia 435 as an option then go through the review to get a better understanding of what to anticipate.

Overview of the Lumia 435

The Microsoft Lumia 435 Windows 8 smartphone came to the market in Jan’15. It has a 4 inch touchscreen, dual SIM slots, and dual cameras with the primary camera having resolution of 480 by 800 pixels. The internal memory is 8GB, and it has a 1GB RAM. The external memory slot can support microSD card up to 128 GB. The phone is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and 1560 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. The SIM slots are for micro SIM cards.

The design and feel

The smartphone is small and thick. You would notice it the first time you hold it. The smartphone is thicker than all other rivals of it, and is 11.7 mm thick. And it is also smaller than other smartphones in market. The edges of the phone would feel prominently wide and uncomfortable in the palm than other thin and sleek phones.

The back cover of the phone is orange, and this is a snap on back cover which can be changed. The front face of the phone contains a wide bezel around the screen. These looks are quite similar to the other Lumia models. But looking at its price you would not mind the thickness or its small fit with the flashy color at back.

It’s easy to open the back cover and this doesn’t need much effort. Easily back covers of different colors, may be used on the same phone to get it varied looks. Right beneath the back cover the battery and microSD card slots of the phone are there. And the internal design looks pretty easy to handle.

The internal memory of the phone already has 8GB, part of which is filled with system resources too. Hence eventually a regular user taking lots of photos and using the phone for business etc may have to use more memory. For that there is the external memory card slot. You would need a microSD card and the external memory can be expanded up to 128 GB. This is a good space which normally phones at this low price range do not offers.

The Touchscreen of Lumia 435

Now you cannot expect more than 480×800 px that is 233 ppi resolution from a phone offered at this low a price range, and that too, a Windows smartphone. Hence the screen resolution is decent as per the price range. The Windows interface of the phone looks really interesting, and looks really as good as the desktop version.

But when you look at the videos and photos taken by the phone primary camera of 2 MP, you would find a bluish tint on all of them, which is one of the small glitches with this phone. Yet the graphics is still decent quality and won’t interfere with your daily usage prominently. Moreover users of this phone would not be making much videos or taking lots of photos with this phone, and would rather be interested in the fun and functionality of the Windows OS. Hence this is not something that will bother you.Microsoft Lumia 435 Review

There are 4 brightness control settings on the phone. And the brightness can be controlled using this setting. The high function sets the brightness to the optimum levels to make it visible in sunlight. It may not be crystal clear and really a very comfortable session to go through lots of contents in daylight outdoors, but yet it’s not a challenge too, and you can go on with important things. The more you bring the phone close to the eyes; the crisper would look the content in outdoor light.

The touchscreen sensitivity works pretty well, but the when you perform an action, it sometimes takes a little more time to get executed thus resulting in a lag which you would notice. It’s just because of the processor speed in the low end smartphone, and nothing to be bothered of.

The Software and Phone Performance

The interface would look for the first time users to be small and colored tiles on the phone screen. The tiles are customizable and can be tailored to fit in another style. The app support may look a little fidgety to you. Popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp would be instantly spotted on the phone.

Downloading apps from the Windows store is a cumbersome process for the new users, and it may take you some time to get adjusted. There are some good sports and news related apps from Microsoft, which you may download and enjoy from the app store.

The thing noticeable and special with the Lumia 435 is the Cortana tool. This is a voice assistant tool and comes with the Windows OS 8.1. The tool has multiple functionalities. It may tell you of a nearby event, or may also help you maintain diary o phone, and give you reminders.

The processor of the phone, which is the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual core is a nice performer. It can handle multitasking but sometimes experiences small hiccups when the phone goes into a lag while switching between apps, downloading things, and surfing the net etc. the much resource extracting intensive games may play with a pixilated edges and not the best of the audio, but that does not interfere much with the gaming pleasure from the phone.


The Camera

The phone has dual cameras. One is the primary camera with 2 MP capacity, and the front camera which is secondary has 0.3 MP capacity. This pretty well suggests that the phone is not for the photography lovers, and if your aim is to find a camera based smartphone you better look for something else. But for casual snap, and media sharing the 2 MP camera does well. You can adjust the exposure, shutter speed, and white balance in it. If you take pictures in abundant daylight and in outdoors you would get nice results. There are some nice apps to enhance picture snapping with the camera, and they are the Lumia Cinemagraph.

Battery Performance

The battery as stated by Microsoft can be used for 11.7 hrs of voice calling, or for 9.4 hrs of WiFi usage and internet browsing. In both conditions the 1560 mAh battery is an average performer at this price. If you use it for all types of activities which a smartphone is meant for through the day while you start day at full charge, then by the day end you would have a phone that asks for a recharge. And that is pretty normal of a smartphone this cheap. However when you are not using the phone and it’s just kept at rest, the battery lasts much longer.

Lumina 435 review best part!


The Lumia 435 is available at a really cheap price. And this makes the dream of purchasing and using a firsthand smartphone achievable for those who have a constricted budget.

Microsoft Lumia 435 Review


  • Microsoft has a lot of apps of its own to make up for the lack of apps which are not designed for Windows OS.
  • There are some interesting camera apps
  • The Cortana voice assistant is a prominent feature that is helpful
  • One can enjoy new looks for the phone often or matching with dress and mood with snap on phone back covers, as these comes in different funky colors.
  • The best thing about the phone is its price. It seems too good to be true, and is actually available at such a great value.


  • The phone downloads too many updates after you try to connect it first time to the internet through WiFi. It takes a lot of time and may be annoying for impatient users.
  • The battery life could have been better
  • The phone often slows down
  • Screen resolution is average


If you are in search of a smartphone which has something different than the common Android phones then you can go for windows OS phones. And in Windows OS choices, if you again search for a great priced phone that is super affordable with all standard smartphone features, then Lumia 435 is the one.

This is not just good because it is low priced, but for the Windows 8 original version, which is very convenient software to surf the phone and use the apps. There are various ways to enjoy a smartphone, and exploring the Windows way is a nice one which you may enjoy with the Lumia 435. Thank you for reading our Lumia 435 Review.


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