Google Android Tablet

10″ Google Android Tablet 16GB / Android 4.4.2 / 1.2 GHz / Quad core

The Google Android Tablet not only is it reasonably priced, but they are also based on the latest technology which allows users to have the ultimate experience.

The Google Android tablet comes with a 10” screen and is quite gorgeous looking. It comes with the latest 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core with GPU SGX 544MP which makes it one of the fastest tablets available in the market at the moment. It comes with an in-built memory of 16GB and can support a memory card of up to 32GB, this allows the user to have unlimited space to download music, books, movies and games. Apps also have memory but with this amount of space everything can be fit in perfectly.

Google Android Tablet


The battery life is 8 hours which is slightly less but this becomes sidelined in comparison with the price of the product. Though the product is great and has some really amazing features, there are things that have to be taken into notice before making the purchase. The tablet is good for games and internet usage and works well generally but users have complained about having audio issues and some have also hinted that the picture quality becomes bad in some instances. It is a good device to stay in touch with friends and family and is based on entertainment more than work. It supports the dual camera function and can be attached to the television set for better quality.

The screen is the most important feature of this tablet beside its Quad core, it is big and that makes it easier to use and also provides people good view of anything that they want to see. The pictures appear clearer, the videos are in HD and the ability to be constantly connected to the internet makes it a favorite of the users. It has its drawbacks but one cannot deny that it also has some of the best features.


  • 10” screen with HD quality.
  • It is the fastest tablet currently available in the market.
  • In-built memory of 16GB and can support up to 32GB memory card which means plenty of space.
  • Good for games and internet usage.
  • It has dual camera and ability to connect with Television set using HDMI cable.


  • Audio can be muffled or sometimes stops altogether.
  • Picture quality can become bad suddenly. This is a major flaw considering the hi-tech gadgets available in the market.
  • It is usually good for entertainment purposes only.


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