Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

The Apple iPad mini was recently added to the range of Apple products has brought much attention as it copes with the low budgets. With the iPad mini in the market, the Apple tablet experience has been totally given a new meaning.

The features of the Apple iPad Mini Tablet are a 7.9 inch screen, 1024 x 768p IPS display, lightning port connector and iOS 6. It is a great inclusion in the vast range of Apple products and as everyone is getting tablets for their daily use, it comes as an amazing option to buy.  The best part is that it has a stunning metallic body with brushed design which means that it is strong enough to absorb the mishandling.

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With the prime concerns being raised over battery life, the Apple iPad mini has been introduced with a strong battery life. This means you can use it for a greater amount of time and the apps can run for a longer time. Moreover, you do not have to worry about shutting the background apps. Play games, use apps and surf the internet in a carefree style!

The best part is that it has a user friendly interface. Innovation at its peak, Apple iPad mini is comes with innovative design and you will love using it. The processor is just perfect to run the apps. You can even enjoy playing 3D games along with running multiple applications at the same time.

The Apple iPad mini has a front and rear camera which you can use accordingly. However, you must make sure that there is enough light to have a clear and bright picture.

However, with the pros, there are some cons as well. The first negative is that it has a screen with normal resolution. In addition to this, the mini tablet is more expensive than its counterparts. This makes it prone to discouraged sales and the worst part is that there is no dock adapter or boxed headphones. Whatsoever, the company’s name is enough to cater for all these!

Apple iPad mini has brought a complete package which combines all the features that Apple ecosystem offered which can be held in one hand. You can carry it securely wherever you go and the joy is incomparable! It is within your reach and you do not have to use both hands to hold and use it. The slate has nailed the market with its amazing features and people are favoring it for its sleek and unique design.


  • It is has a strong body and can withstand force.
  • It supports a 7.9” screen.
  • It comes with a longer battery life.
  • It features dual camera and the picture results are good.
  • It can be handled with one hand.


  • It is expensive.
  • It does not have amazing picture quality.
  • It does not come with headphone or dock adapter.


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