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Amazon Fire Phone With one Year Free Prime Membership

I wanted to do a write up on the new Amazon Fire Phone! I had high hopes for this device. I’m so OMG pro-Amazon! The research that I have found to date are such a mixed bag of tricks. I would think coming from Amazon that the Fire Phone would have come out just like the Iphone did, and take over the market. I’m thinking for the 1st phone it was a great try. With all of this said here are some comments from others who have already received their Amazon Fire Phone:

Amazon Fire smartphone
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“The minute my new account was set up, I was able to find the apps I need, sync Email and even find some of the phone numbers I had lost due to the syncing on Google. ” – Bror Erickson


“I understand that electronic devices get warm once in a while depending on how much you’re using it, but Fire Phone wasn’t warm, it was HOT! ” – Alfred L. Feliciano


“I was very surprised that most of the apps that I use on a daily basis are available for the fire phone. ” – Jason Brayman

I wanted to love my Fire Phone. I really love Amazon and my kindle software, and they made it a bargain. Who could resist a year of prime on top of the rest? When at last it arrived, that sleek black box was a pleasure to unwrap.”                                                                                                Amity Lee-Bradley

 I have been using it for more than a week and I love it! It is very responsive and the new user interface gestures make it very easy to access often used functionality. It is light weight, easy to carry and the screen is large enough to review small documents. Automatic backups work great.Ilovehills “Really”

Things I love about this phone:

– Unlimited cloud photo storage
– Huge amount of storage space
– Firefly (easily ID’s movies and shows… product ID not always as great)
– Dynamic perspective (it’s pretty cool with lots of potential for developers to take advantage of it)
– I like the tilting/sidepanel features
– The size is great”                                                                                               Jenny Loving

So I was really excited about this phone. Mainly because I love love love the Kindles I have. But there are several apps that I use that aren’t available on Amazon’s ecosystem. “                   Patty Hoelting

Nice phone with great hardware specs. Problem is, no access to Google Play Store, and no Google Apps. This is a deal breaker. People don’t care so much about great specs and slick features, they care about what their phone will do for them. Approximately 250,000 apps on Amazon, approximately 1.2 million on Play Store. Bust.”                                                       Steve

I am still on the fence. I like it. With my review keep in mind I am not a huge electronics person, I buy them when I need to and that’s that.

Amazon Fire Phone
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  • ~ I got a free year of Prime. Which I would have gotten anyway. So it basically made the phone $99 cheaper.
  • ~ Graphics are great.
  • ~ App Store is good – the games look amazing!
  • ~ Camera is great, love the editing features
  • ~ Call clarity is wonderful


  • ~ Confusing. It took me a few days to get it down. Even then I had to Google a “manual” to figure things out. I am pretty tech savvy but this one stumped me. Even after I watched the demo a few times.
  • ~ The phone can get REALLY hot sometimes. Especially while playing a game.
  • ~ It is a bit tiring that my phone keeps recommending books, etc. from Amazon. I get it, it is from Amazon, you need to advertise, but really? Recommending every book I looked at/browsed through/thought of on my phone?? It’s overkill. And annoying.
  • ~ Too much going on. Some features are unnecessary. It needs to be streamlined a bit, be more user friendly. The concept is great but the outcome is so-so.

Bottom line, I like it. I don’t love it. I thought I would but it is too much, too confusing and just doesn’t 100% work for me. And I’m stuck in a new 2 year contract. Silly me.”                Vanessa Sue

 As you can see it really is a mixed bag of reviews. I’m thinking until the phone itself starts getting a little better reviews, I’m going to wait and see what happens. Unlike Vanessa Sue, I’m not going to get locked into a two year contract for this review. Thank you to everyone who gave me their reviews!


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